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Manulife Life Insurance Products and Its Benefits

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Manulife Life Insurance – Manulife is one of the largest insurance companies in Indonesia. It is not surprising that today the public is interested in becoming a customer.

Many consider that following life insurance is not important. They choose to follow other insurance such as health, education and pension insurance. While those who follow life insurance is still limited and very little.

Yet when viewed today a lot of diseases that can cause sudden death since the first attack. Call it coronary heart disease and stroke. Both diseases are the biggest cause of death in Indonesia. Followed by cancer and diabetes.

From year to year people with the disease is always increasing. It is important to protect yourself from the risk of getting the disease one of them is using life insurance.

Interesting information about Manulife Life Insurance

Manulife Award

Life insurance
Before discussing about Manulife’s life insurance it helps you know first why this insurance is used as one of the largest and leading insurance in Indonesia. Being big and famous of course takes hard effort and by providing the best service, it is what is held by this one insurance.

Thanks to the efforts and services provided by Manulife. In 2011 this insurance won the award of The 1st (First) Best Life Insurance Company in 2011 by the Indonesian Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers Association.

Assessments made such as whether or not claims are paid, the number of partners’ offices and hospitals, assessments of services and others. The scoring criteria were well-managed by Manulife and two years in a row Manulife was named the best life insurance by ABAI.

Manulife Life Insurance Products

The first thing that is important for you to know before deciding to take out insurance is the product. Make sure that there are appropriate to the type of your needs.

To be able to meet the needs of its customers. Manulife provides various types of life insurance products both sharia-based and conventional.

The following is an interesting Manulife Life insurance product for you to know :

Manulife Essential Assurance

Manulife’s first life insurance product is Essential Assurance.

The slogan of this product is “a valuable heritage for the family, without later, without but”

Indeed, people will never know when the risk comes to him; therefore this product is present to answer all the needs of the community. Manulife Essential Assurance will provide assurance; provide peace and tranquility for its customers.

The benefits of this product are financial security for the people you care about especially your wife and children, giving your children a definite future when everything is uncertain, and can be a special gift for children and grandchildren because it can be inherited.

The advantages of the product you can feel, because the insurance manifold lifetime. You will get a lifetime protection that is up to the age of 99 years. Get a guarantee of cash value with the benefits will not be affected market fluctuations.

The advantage that you can feel when choosing this product is the value of premium basically fixed and the payment is made during the premium payment only. Period to pay the premium is also limited the insurance will give about 5 years, 10 years and even 20 years. This product will also be able to provide additional benefits from the plan you choose.

MiWealth Assurance

The second exciting product from Manulife is MiWealth Assurance. This type of Insurance Unit Link which can be used to obtain insurance benefits and also can be investment.

Payment of premiums are also periodically that can be done during the annual, semiannual, quarterly and even monthly.

Parties that can be covered in the policy is 6 months to 70 years. Manulife life insurance unit link is also included in the insurance for life because the insured in the insurance policy can be covered up to 99 years.

If you follow this type of insurance, you will get the following benefits:

1. Benefits of Age Close

The first benefit you can get is if you close the age during the period of coverage and policy status is still active. Insurer will provide benefits to customers in the form of the benefits of the age of the insurance will give 20 x annual premium. And 5 x annual premium added with the value of the policy already established.

2. Income Substitute

Customers can earn income. Where the amount is 5 x from the annual premium with a note if the insured party in the policy has an inability such as permanent disability or the insured close the age. Prorated or replacement will be given for 12 months.

3. Premium Exemption

The customer will be exempted from the premium if it has been diagnosed by 49 diseases covered by this product. The exemption of premium will be made if the insured party has undergone the elimination period and the survival period.

4. Investment Benefits

In addition to benefiting from such insurance, customers who participate in this product benefit from 100% investment allocation starting from the 1st policy year.

102% of investment allocation begins with the 8th policy. 102% of the premium will be paid or invested into the value of customer policy. As well as many more benefits that customers will get.

Excess Manulife

In addition to having quality life insurance products, Manulife’s life insurance has various advantages both from insurance with the basis of investment and protection or simply protection. The following are the advantages of Manulife life insurance that you should know:

1. Having a Diversified Life Insurance Product

Manulife’s base is concerned with life insurance. Shaded by PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Indonesia the company is able to grow and answer the needs of the community for protection and investment.

Because the base is in the life insurance lot of life insurance products with various types such as are basic life insurance with futures protection so that later if no claims value of premiums already paid will be forfeited. Not surprising that the premium is cheaper than the others.

2. Free Premium

Another plus is the provision of premium, of course to get free of this premium you must understand the terms and conditions apply. Free premiums are sometimes not owned by other insurance companies.

3. Lightweight Premium

Manulife’s life insurance products have a low premium. Only with Rp 600.000 per month, you and your family can get protection from Manulife.

Various awards are accepted by Manulife so it is not surprising that from time to time the company grows with the community. Many customers are entrusting their insurance to Manulife due to its credible and light premiums.

Therefore if you are looking for a trusted life insurance company, as a recommendation you can trust it to Manulife life insurance.

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