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Grange Insurance Company Solutions

Founded in Columbus, Ohio in 1935, Grange Insurance Solutions has developed in 12 US states in the east and midwestern US. Grange Insurance not only has partnerships with independent insurance agents, but also a philosophy to improve the communities in which they operate. Grange Insurance’s management group also participates in several non-profit councils and also has the time to help volunteers in the community. Just last year, Grange Insurance donated $ 4 million to build the Grange Insurance Audubon Center. Upon completion in 2009, it will provide a nature-based educational program for schoolchildren in Ohio.

Grange Insurance Solutions not only provides its local community, but also offers its policyholders insurance plans for cars, benefits and bonuses. Grange insurance covers personal injury and personal injury that not only protects the driver but also protects your passengers. This is an option that provides safety for everyone in the car and can be very useful if you have passengers in your car, including family, friends and children.

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Some additional Grange Insurance options include the Loan / Lease Gap Coverage Plan, which covers what your car is worth and what you owe to the lease. The Grange Auto Plus protection plan goes one step further than just offering accommodations and rental cars. It also covers expenses such as airbag replacement, taxes and fees, and even electronic and accessories. Grange Insurance also seems to go a step further by offering replacement covers for your CDs and cassettes if they get damaged or stolen from your car. Not only are these unique benefits that are attractive, but also cover options that protect you from theft and damage that can save you thousands of dollars in replacement.

The Good Student discount from Grange Insurance offers some benefits beyond a teenager with a good education. This also applies to university students up to the age of 25 who have a grade point average of B or better. You can also get a Blue Ribbon discount. A discount that is applied and determined by your insurance value.

Grange Insurance offers a number of very useful coverage plans and additional options to protect you from theft and damage. They also offer some very useful discounts with their already attractive auto insurance plans. Which provide additional safety and benefits for a driver.

Our mission

Grange Insurance Solutions offers customers protection, peace of mind and financial stability with effective, tailor-made insurance solutions that are delivered professionally, accurately and friendly.

Our 4 columns

  1. Guide

Strong leadership is the driver who strengthens and strengthens everything. Our founding directors are at the top. You have enormous industry knowledge and many years of experience. They provide critical advice to the clients and the rest of the Grange team right from the start and expertly solve any problems that arise.

    2. Technical skills

We have an experienced and studied knowledge of the industry and the products that provide the solutions. We understand the complexity of politics and never change to chance.

    3. Customer-oriented

Customers are our most important assets. We listen to them. Then we adapt the solutions to your needs. Grange Insurance Solutions build strong, personal relationships and are always open to questions and communication.

   4. Expansive network

With a large national and international business base. Grange Insurance Solutions can buy and select insurance solutions from around the world. Over the years, we have developed strong partnerships with suppliers around the world. This enables us to support clients in their international interests as they grow and expand. And bring the best of our international knowledge to our national clientele.

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