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8 Tips For Choosing The Right Child Education Insurance

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Tips on choosing educational insurance – As parents would want the best future for their children. In the heart of the parents, educational expectations of his children should be higher than him. Supposing if the parents only graduated from junior high school, his son must finish high school.

If his parents only graduated high school, surely in the hearts of parents want their children to go to college. Unfortunately, when everything is as difficult as it is now, realizing these expectations is very difficult. Because everything is uncertain but the cost of education will continue to creep up.

One way to protect children’s education is to follow education insurance. Even though you can also follow the education savings but for the protection of educational insurance is wider and more necessary.

Why need protection ? It is because as the backbone needs to be protected so that if at any time have risks. Such as disability and others to ensure the child’s education is guaranteed.

For parents who want to insure their children’s education, consider the tips for choosing the following educational insurance:

Creating a Plan

Before knowing tips on choosing educational insurance, as a parent must do some things first. The first thing a parent should do is to make a plan.

A plan that can be made is how tall your child will be studying or studying, going to high school or college. After that make sure your child will go to school where. Both of these are important for you to plan because the costs in each agency are different.

You should also know the school profile in depth, for example, the achievement in the school . The quality of the school, have the students there experienced severe cases. The school environment is conducive or not and the most important is the accreditation.

Make sure that the school you choose to have accreditation A and a minimum B. Accreditation is very important to find a job later. There are several companies that require applicants to come from agencies with accreditation A and minimum B.

Research Cost

Education Insurance
Education Insurance

The next step that parents can do is to research the cost of education that is in the agency. Asking cost is useful for you to plan the cost of education that you will spend. The cost of education is now very useful to know the amount of costs that you will spend in the future.

Later education costs to be incurred include building money, money uniforms, purchase of school books, and many more. Of the current costs, next year you can add as much as 10% or 15% until your child will go to the ladder.

Credible and Reliable Company

One of the tips on choosing educational insurance is to choose a credible and trustworthy insurance company. If you do not choose an unbelievable insurance company your money will become undeveloped even if the company goes bankrupt then your money will be hard to come back.

Unlike the education savings issued by the bank which are guaranteed by the Depository Lending Institution. Therefore before you take the necessary education insurance skali for you to know the lunge of the company in serving its customers. That way you can know which companies are credible and which are not.

Companies with Large Assets

Company Insurance
Company Insurance

To be able to run the operational wheel in the insurance company required a lot of assets. So that operational activities can run smoothly. Unlike insurance that has a limited asset where to run the wheel operational become abandoned.

The assets owned by this company are very important, one of the valuation factors undertaken by Investor Magazine as well as other valuation agencies that are assessed are part of the asset. This asset will be known from the balance sheet to be presented by the public openly.

Choosing the Right Insurance Product

How to choose the right child education insurance is to choose the right education insurance products, each insurance company has their own superior products. You can customize the product according to your needs and your child.

Look for as much information about the product. If you have not clearly asked the insurance agent to be more clear with product details. So far there are some insurance customers who feel wrong to take the product, so that it does not happen to you choose a product that really suits your needs.

In addition you can also ask your friends or relatives about education insurance products they have. It is very useful for you to compare between insurance products with each other.

Appropriate Premium

Car Insurance
Car Insurance

Each product offered by the insurer has its own premium amount. Although the product is the same, the premium is different for example divided into several plans. As plan A has the lowest premium, after that Plan B has a premium that is more expensive than plan A. So on up to the most expensive premium.

The most important thing here is you have to adjust the amount of premium in accordance with your finances. Do not be too self-important is your child’s education insurance can run up to a predetermined time.

Forcing yourself to make premium payments to be stuck in the middle of the road. If it is so premium that has been paid previously to be burned. It will be very detrimental to you as a parent.

The way to measure premiums that fit your financial condition is by measuring how much money you can spend on your child’s education fund. Do not let the education insurance is precisely make the basic needs of families to be neglected.

Flexible Policy

How to choose the right child education insurance is to choose a flexible policy. Its meaning is flexible can be taken according to your requirement. There are several insurance companies with the provision of freedom to take the policy even though it has not reached a predetermined period of time. This flexible policy will benefit the customers or make it easier for customers to meet their children’s education needs because you may need urgent and unplanned education funds.

Additional Facilities

Choose insurance education with protection. Protection that not only provides protection for the insured only. Also provides protection to parents as parties who hold the child policy.

The protection provided is not limited to the Compensation Fund when it is disabled or dies only. Also when the policyholder or the insured is hospitalized.

So that later if the child or the policyholder entered the hospital will be given a guarantee of reimbursement of hospital costs.

Life Insurance
Life Insurance

Parents are the ones who play the most role in education for their children. Not only provide education about the norm and attitude, but also in formal education. Children will get a high formal education if starting from small parents have prepared and planned education for their children. One way is to use insurance. In order not wrong in choosing an insurance product, you should do tips on choosing educational insurance as described above.

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