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Mistakes When Buying Car Insurance

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Do you own a car? You should consider buying car insurance.
Before buying should avoid the following things so you can get the best car insurance:

Not paying attention to company reputation

Mistakes in buying car insurance may be due to a lack of information about the provider. Such information may be

  • how long the insurance company is standing,
  • many customers are owned,
  • the services provided by the company to each of its customers, or the number of clients who complain to the insurance company.

Not understanding the product

Surely every car insurance company offers different protection and premiums.

A common mistake when someone purchases car insurance is not understanding the protection and the amount of the premium.

When risk occurs, they realize what protection they should and should not buy.

If they do not understand the amount of premiums, they may pay an expensive premium for little protection.

Pay no attention to expansion warranties

Guarantees covered by the company are usually just about

  • compensation for accidental damage or riot
  • or all-risk protection and TLO.

Meanwhile, third party legal guarantees like :

  • hospital fees,
  • personal accident and passenger costs,
  • disaster protection, etc. are not included.

These are included in the extension guarantees that the company usually adds a premium if the policyholder wants to get it.

The policyholder’s mistake is to assume that such matters are included in the warranty provided. So when the losses due to these things happen, they do not get anything from the insurer.

Not consider premiums and sum insured

Many people who experience errors in buying car insurance because of interest in low-cost premium offered by a company. Logically, how insurance companies will provide the sum insured according to your needs if the premium is cheap?

Not consider references from close friends

Preferably before buying car insurance, first consider a company reference from your close friends.
Could be, he/she has ever bought car insurance on the insurance company. At least you will get an idea of ​​the insurance company. That way, it is less likely to get a mistake in buying car insurance.

Not buy from a trusted agent

There are many ways to buy car insurance, one of which is buying from a car insurance agent.

However, you should never be affected by the insurance agent’s sweet promise. This means you should investigate in advance whether the agent is trustworthy or not.

This is so you do not have a mistake in buying car insurance.

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