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7 Best Car Insurance Based on It’s rankings

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Best car insurance based on its rankings – A car is a luxury that must be maintained. Cars are also required to be registered to the insurance it is due to the cost of car maintenance is quite expensive and protect the car if something is not desired to happen.

Lots of risks that occur in the street, one of them is the car had an accident. The more often you use your car, the greater the risk arises.

You also have to think about a insurance for your car. Here is a list of the best car insurance based on the rankings you need to know:

Jasaraharja Putera

car insurance

The best first car insurance in Indonesia is Jasaraharja Putera. This insurance was established since 1993 in Jakarta. This insurance has office of 27 offices and 87 marketing offices throughout Indonesia.

One of the insurance products owned by Jasaraharja Putera are :

1. JP-Astor. This product will provide protection to your vehicle in case of accidental damage.

Covered costs to repair your vehicle equal to or even more than 75% of the price of your motor vehicle.

2. The second is All Risk serves to protect from various risks. Includes all kinds of risks due to events already registered in the policy.

AXA Auto Insurance

The best car insurance based on the number two ranking is occupied by AXA Auto Insurance insurance. AXA’s flagship product is SmartDrive. These products provide protection to vehicle owners to always feel safe and comfortable.

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AXA also claims to provide :

  • protection
  • comprehensive,
  • bear the total loss,
  • provide a wide range

so as to meet all the needs that are important to the community.

SmartDrive products have advantages. The advantages vary depending on the package you choose.

There are 4 types of packages you can choose:

  1. silver,
  2. gold,
  3. platinum
  4. and platinum plus.

What distinguishes between one package with another package is:

  • total loss coverage,
  • a mix of strikes,
  • natural disasters,
  • responsibility for third parties
  • and also passengers in the car like a driver, the cost of medical treatment for the driver and others.

The disadvantage of this insurance is there are some dependents that are not covered by this insurance. For example, if the car is in the workshop is less than a certain number of days it will not be on the cover.

Sinarmas Car Insurance

Sinarmas car insurance is ranked number three. The flagship product on this insurance is Simas Mobil.

The advantage of this product is to provide a very complete protection. The amount of premium to be paid by the customer has been determined by the insurance. Insurance customers will not only get protection in the form of All Risk and Total Loss only but also will get expansion.

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The expansion protection to be provided by Sinarmas consists of:

  • personal accident,
  • treatment,
  • legal liability for third parties,
  • riot,
  • flood
  • and also tsunamis.

Even the special legal liability for third parties, its nominal can reach 100 million rupiah.

ACA Insurance

The best car insurance based on its fourth position is occupied by ACA insurance. So far, Asuransi Central Asia or ACA not only provides life and health insurance only. ACA also provides services for the protection of motor vehicles you have.

ACA provides underwriting or protection against loss, damage, loss of motor vehicles caused by various risks already registered in the motor vehicle insurance policy.

You can also register two-wheeled vehicles, four-wheeled vehicles such as non truck and vehicles in this type of truck.

car insurance

The guarantees that ACA insurance can provide are comprehensive or combined. Total loss or TLO and also provides a guarantee of expansion.

What this insurance does not cover is :

  • loss from the company,
  • loss because you lost your wages due to a vehicle you can not afford to operate,
  • theft and many more others.

To be able to get your auto insurance funds disbursed, you must file a claim to the insurer.

Astra Insurance

Asuransi Astra also has insurance to protect your motor vehicle. One of its superior products is Orto Garda.
Orto Garda is able to provide comprehensive protection for your motor vehicle. This insurance claims that for claims submission can be easily done.

Claims can be made by customers through the first four ways is with Garda Mobile Otocare where the claim can be submitted via Smartphone only.

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Access Guard 24 am by calling customer service number. Online claims that can be made using the internet network and the last is through a strategic service unit.

The protection provided by Astra Insurance is comprehensive and Total Loss Only.

To file a claim, the customer can report the chronology of the incident. After that the insurance will conduct a survey to the customer vehicle. After the surveys and events experienced by customers included in the motor vehicle insurance policy then the insurer will provide a work order. Then make repairs to your motor vehicle.


Allianz is not only famous for its life and health insurance, but its motor vehicle insurance is also named as one of the best motor vehicle insurance.

Allianz’s products are Allianz MobilKu Insurance. Allianz MobilKu Insurance is included in the car insurance which is simple, comprehensive and has many options for the protection of your car.

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There are three types of packages that you can choose such as:

  1. Allianz MobilKu Grand,
  2. Allianz MobilKu ECO
  3. and Allianz MobilKu Likes.

The advantages of this insurance are:

  • provide medical protection to drivers as well as to passengers,
  • protecting the personal items in the car,
  • protecting vehicles from riots and others.

Allianz also claims that for the filing of his claim is very easy. Her customers do not need to come to the office. But you can check the status of claims through the site of Allianz’s insurance services whenever and wherever you are.


The best car insurance based on its latest ranking is Adira. Insira Auto Insurance Insurance is from year to year get a lot of awards. Its insurance product is Autocillin Insurance Product with three kinds of package that is:

  • comprehensive,
  • comprehensive 2,
  • and the last is Total Lost Only.

The advantages of this insurance are

  • fast claims and can be via Smartphone only,
  • inter-shuttle facilities and shuttle to the workshop,
  • lifetime employment warranty,
  • autocillin rescue and many more others.

This insurance already has a network in all major cities in Indonesia.

Thus the best car insurance based on its ranking can be your consideration, hopefully this information useful.

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