Allianz vs Prudential: Which Is Better For Affordable Automobile Insurance?

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Allianz vs Prudential life insurance – People who want to take out insurance usually compare between one insurance with another. Used as a comparison is usually the largest and leading insurance in Indonesia.

Well-known insurance in Indonesia for example are AXA Mandiri, Allianz, Prudential, Manulife and also Jiwasraya. Comparisons made by the community were not inseparable from insurance ads that increasingly heavily on television broadcast. Since the emergence of these ads, many people are getting interested to take insurance. To be able to get an insurance product that suits his needs

The community compares the advantages and disadvantages of each such insurance. One insurance that is often used as a comparison is life insurance Allianz vs Prudential. Check out the differences between these two insurance follows:

How to Approach Agents

Life insurance

The first thing that compares to Allianz vs Prudential life insurance is the agency approach. Agent is one of the most influential marketers in an insurance company. The more experienced and skilled the agent describes the insurance products owned, the more customers are interested to follow the insurance.

Agents from Allianz and Prudential are approaching customers in different ways. Prudential is an insurance that can be used for protection as well as investment while Allianz is pure insurance for limited protection only.
Prudential agents typically prioritize explanations to their investments or savers compared to protections. While for Allianz agents more explains to his protection.

Prospective customers as well as his choose an agent who really understand with the insurance products it offers. Not all Prudential insurance agents are familiar with the insurance products they sell. Prudential claims that its marketing agents are certified but there are still many agents who do not understand about their insurance products. Therefore, in some forums many customers who complain due to take the insurance product.

Basic Insurance Products

Life insurance Allianz vs prudential has basic life insurance products to meet the needs of the people of Indonesia. Allianz and Prudential are unit link type insurance that can be used for long-term investment. Products that are widely available in both insurance are life insurance products.

For Allianz its insurance products are pure life insurance while for Prudential, its life insurance product is life insurance or it could be permanent total / permanent disability. Because it has a different life insurance products so that his claims were different.

Allianz life insurance is new can be claimed if the insured customer in the insurance policy died. Prudential insurance can be claimed if the customer has a total or permanent disability to death. Unfortunately after the claim was made after the customer who has filed the claim the benefits to be provided by the insurance company will be stalled.

Additional Benefits or Rider

As with all other insurers, Allianz and Prudential both have additional benefits that can be added to their basic insurance products. Every additional benefit that both insurance have has their respective advantages.

For Allianz, additional benefits are given to cover the critical illness more than Prudential. While Prudential has additional benefits that more so that later his customers are free to add any additional benefits to be added to its basic insurance.

Investment Results

Life insurance

Prudential is a long term insurance. The value of investments that customers crop will not be visible if withdrawn within 1-2 years. Customers who invest in Prudential for 2 years just the funds will be obtained to be minus compared with the amount of money deposited.

In order to enjoy the investment return without suffering losses. Prudential customers can withdraw their savings over 5 or 6 years and the maximum limit of its 10 years of storage.

For the matter of this investment return, Prudential has a better investment return compared to Allianz. Proven in 10 years, investment funds belonging to customers will grow rapidly.


Life insurance

One of the things that should be considered in choosing insurance is the filing of its claims. Claim is one of the most important things in choosing insurance. It’s good not to choose a difficult insurance in filing a claim.

To serve the claim filings, both of these insurers have the best claims submission service in Indonesia. Maximum service to customer’s claim is always put forward by both of these insurance.

Customer Service

Life insurance

Prudential and Allianz also have good customer service in overcoming call center or walk in center. Prudential’s Customer Service is superior in serving mobile service services so that its customers can use the insurance services using Smartphone only.

Balance Withdrawal

Balance that customers have in Allianz and Prudential insurance can be withdrawn. Insurance there is a minimum withdrawal balance and there are remaining balance that must be left in the savings.

For Allianz minimum withdrawal balance of 1 million and the remaining balance that must be in savings of 2 million. Prudential withdrawal balance of 500 thousand while the balance must be in the savings of 1 million rupiah.

Number of Critical Illnesses

Prudential and Allianz share the benefits of protecting customers from critical illnesses. Prudential’s life insurance will cover the clients of 75 critical illnesses while Allianz will cover the customers of 100 critical illnesses.

Length of Coverage

Not as long as his customers will continue to be covered by insurance. There is insurance covering customer health up to 65 years only. Prudential covers clients until the age of 85. Allianz customers will be covered for 100 years or life.

Sum insured

The sum insured between Prudential and Allianz insurance has a different nominal. Even so the amount of premium paid each month the same. Suppose his customers pay a premium of 750 thousand per month.

Sum assured to be paid by insurance to customers who have accidents of 200 million special customers Prudential, while Allianz UP customers of 500 million. The compensation that will be awarded for the death toll of Prudential is 200 million while Allianz is 500 million.

Life insurance is very important to have. Spending money every month to pay insurance premiums is lighter than having to pay a large amount of cash in nominal.

By knowing Allianz vs Prudential life insurance that has been described above may you get the enlightenment to choose the best insurance for you.

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